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Options Okanagan Treatment Center for Alcohol and Drug Addicition in BC

Who we are! Options Okanagan Treatment Center opened February 1, 2012 and is an intimate 20 bed alcohol and drug treatment center strategically located in Tappen, B.C., just 10 minutes from the heart of British Columbia, Canada, in Beautiful Salmon Arm.

Our professionally selected staff is compassionate, caring and living examples of what they teach. They truly care for the success of our clients.

Why Us? Being a 20 bed non-institutionalized treatment center nestled among such beauty of nature, and the comfort of living provided with focusing on alcohol and drug treatment, we believe that our 60 day residential program and 90 day continuing care program once you leave will give you the necessary tools to live a life you only dreamed of having.

At Options Okanagan, we do not complicate your treatment we educate you in a way that you will be able to incorporate it into your new way of life.

Options Okanagan invites individuals who have had relapses in their recovery to our treatment center, where we believe that our treatment process will help you better understand on how to incorporate the 12 steps into your daily decision making, along with the importance of applying our wellness program to your day to day activities.   We put a lot of effort into our 90 days of ongoing care, to make sure you are not left alone when you leave the 60 day residential program, as we continue to support you, and your family, through this transition.

Working with Your Employers, We are committed to working with your employer to ensure a clear understanding of your recovery process, and staying in touch after you have completed the 60 day residential program for 90 days, this we believe will enhance your success.

Options Okanagan Treatment center believes it is a must to incorporate family in the treatment process to educate all members on the nature of addiction within the family.  Each client’s situation will be educated to what best suits the needs of your family.

About Counsellor Team at Options Okanagan, we believe that addiction is really a treatable disease and also the cycle could be broken, and believe in a holistic approach using the 12 steps program as a foundation to recovery.

We believe in the treatment of clients as individuals, showing them self-esteem and respect, patience and understanding, and in honoring the trust that has been given to us by members of the family.

We infuse hope within our clients as well as their families.

We invite you to call and speak with one of our certified addictions counsellors and understand why Options Okanagan changes lives forever. To talk with one of our drug and alcohol addiction counsellors, please call us at 250-864-6068

Options Okanagan Admissions staff focuses on assessing each prospective patient’s needs for treatment.   Together with our counsellors, each individual’s application for treatment methods are evaluated to make sure Options Okanagan is the best place for you.

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