12 Steps a Spiritual Journey

Is 12 steps a spiritual journey? I propose that anything one chooses can be a spiritual journey. After all, life and what one makes of it are what he chooses to do with his life and how he chooses to react.  The 12 step program, for anyone not familiar with this, is any addictive behavior that is supposedly handled on a day to day basis, through the personal working of the 12 steps, attending support meetings and staying in close contact with one’s sponsor.

Spiritual Principles in Action and Working

A Spiritual Principle is a fundamental truth, an origin from which positive change can occur. Within the 12 Steps are Spiritual Principles that can be used to enhance us in recovery. To the newcomer, awareness, honesty, acceptance, and surrender are the underlying principles that must be adopted to successfully complete the 1st Step. By applying the Spiritual Principles available in the 12 Step program, you will have an array of guidelines to adhere to that will transform your standard of living.