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Private Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center in BC.

Welcome to Options Okanagan here you will find a private drug rehab center in BC, which is in the heart of beautiful British Columbia, Canada. At Options Okanagan recovery from alcohol and drug addictions means healthy living in your new present, while preparing each day for a wonderful future, alcohol and drug free. We are strong believers in treating the person first and enjoy watching the addiction symptoms disappear. You will find a wonderful combination of holistic and therapeutic programs plus the best of the 12 steps coming together for one purpose, to offer each client a personalized alcohol and drug treatment program with an amazing aftercare plan aimed at long term and healthy recovery.

We believe in the power of group meetings where sharing our journey brings real freedom from drug and alcohol addiction. We also understand the wonder of one-on-one counseling where revelations happen and new plans and drug free strategies for the future are developed. Here at Options you will get an abundance of both we believe private alcohol and drug treatment plans must include an amazing aftercare plan its aftercare that determines your success.

Atmosphere of Change at Our Amazing Private Educational Centers

Treatment of alcohol and drug addiction at Options Okanagan where Mother Nature continually offers the best she has in the heart of the Shuswap. Each time we stop and take the time to reflect she touches our soul in such personal and therapeutic ways that we can’t help but be moved and inspired to grow and change.

Private Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in British Columbia

Whether we are walking through the forest, meandering alongside a stream or simply a dip in the lake, Mother Nature just keeps filling us with fresh thoughts, warm feelings and a new hope we never thought possible as we embrace our personalized alcohol and drug treatmentjourney in such a place of peace.

“It is amazing  how the past continues to become more distant while each new day fills us with renewal.”

Addiction rehab works for those that want it.

“Making the decision to go to Options Okanagan private rehab center was the best choice i ever made and i love the aftercare and love you guys sincerely Tyrone.“

Your Present and the Future is based on your dedication to your personalized alcohol and drug treatment plan. Please, take it seriously your worth it, and take full advantage of our amazing aftercare program.

Alcohol and Drug treatment here is a serious business and at Options there will be a full share of that. We are passionate about your full recovery from alcohol and drug addiction and that is our whole purpose. Our primary goal is to prepare and counsel each client through a personalized alcohol and drug treatment program that not only cleanses the inside but prepares an individual for a healthy and rewarding future as well, alcohol and drug free.

We understand once you leave here you need preparation for a new way of living that includes new skills and tools to deal what the world and life has to offer. This is why we place such importance on “Social Recovery and Development”. This is about the likes of new ways to have fun, choosing your new friends wisely and selecting the new things that are important in your life. It’s about learning to make healthy choices just for you especially around new people, places & things and that starts here!

Options believe firmly that aftercare is the key to full and long-term recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. At Options we include a fully paid aftercare program that includes support, and coaching with a licensed Addictions & Family therapist in your home area. Addiction treatmentworks please call if you or a loved is having alcohol and drug addiction issues.
Thank you for you trust in us,

Doug MacKenzie
Program Director
Options Okanagan Alcohol and Drug Treatment & Clinical Centers

Detoxing from Prescription Painkillers or Abuse of Methadone

Please Call 1-855-335-0331 for more information.

Our Team

The staff at Options Okanagan are a group of selected individuals who all play a very important part to educate you and your family on the nature of alcohol and drug addiction and the solution their compassionate caring ways make your treatment at Options very personal and intimate, they also believe that their 4 week or 6 week alcohol and drug treatment programs along with their amazing aftercare is designed for success.


Heartland Cruise for Sophie’s Place Cause

Heartland Cruise for Sophie’s Place Cause and Options Okanagan

Options Okanagan, a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center in Kelownais proud to part of this very important cause.

The cast and stars associated with CBC’s Heartland may be accustomed to riding horses on a TV set, but they will be riding motorbikes across the province to meet a few of their fans.

Graham Wardle, better known on the Television series as Ty Borden, is among the founders of Cruise with a Cause and he is excited to travel and journey around the province meeting fans as well as fundraising for Sophie’s Place.

Options Okanagan Staff Videos

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