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Must-Know facts about drug and alcohol addiction in Alberta and British Columbia by Options Okanagan Treatment Centers in Kelowna, British Columbia treating Opiate and drug addiction and recovery.

Drug Opiate Alcohol Addiction

Drug addiction starts with misuse of drugs until one is unable to do without the drug. Many people take it for a brain disease, mainly because addicts will use drugs harmful to their bodies, knowingly. Aside from drug abuse, prolonged use of drugs is known to have many adverse effects on the human brain, hence highly discouraged. Anyone willing to fight drug addiction needs to know this, and much more to able to unhook him/herself from the chains. Discussed below are a few known facts about drug addiction.

Obsession Leads to Addition

Many drug abusers unconsciously create an obsession with certain drugs over time. Researchers believe that the compulsions are mostly driven by dependency (physical) on the harmful substance. This behavior is mostly fueled by the desire to cause dopamine surges that under most instances alter the brain’s pleasure receptors. The more one becomes accustomed to the high’ feeling, the higher the chances of increasing quantity or dose of the same.

Opiate addiction and drug abuse and Addiction Aftercare in Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver

Addiction Can Be Inherited

According to decades-worth of scientific studies on drug addiction, various characteristics and addictive diseases (e.g., alcoholism) can be passed down through generations. Children have a higher risk of inheriting drug dependence particularly if their parents’ where/are addicts themselves. Most of the learned behaviors through addiction can be passed down to children as well.

Addiction accompanies extra Psychiatric Conditions

Individuals that display two or more psychiatric conditions are more likely to be drug addicts as compared to ‘clean’ ones. Comorbidity is a condition characterized by two or more psychological disorders in a patient. For instance, drugs addicts are twice as likely to suffer from mood disorders, anxiety and other conditions affiliated with the two. Determining which of the two additional psychiatric conditions manifested first is however almost impossible. While some of these disorders may be brought about by substance dependence, there are cases where some drugs cause these conditions as a side effect.

People Living with Drug addiction and Addiction Aftercare in Alberta

Tailored-Made Addiction Treatment Plans Are More Efficient

Treatment plans and regimen specially designed for an individual’s unique addiction level is considerably more efficient than an all-inclusive treatment method. For this reason, every addict’s treatment regimen needs to be exclusive to his/her needs to be effective. People abuse different drugs for various reasons it is by understanding the reasons behind the habit that you can find treatment/cure for the same.

Change Is Gradual and Requires Patience

The most important, yet tough decision, every addict has to make is replace negative behaviors with positive ones. It’s only by doing this that one can prevent a relapse in the near future. In other words, addiction treatment is a lifelong process with ups and downs involved. Nevertheless, having the drive and desire to quit addition is the force one needs to overcome.

As long as you understand the facts mentioned earlier sufficiently, you can save yourself or a loved one from addiction. It is also advisable to seek help from a certified addiction treatment center for additional care and specialized treatment regimen. Most of these centers have well-trained staff capable of diagnosing and assessing a situation to design a detailed treatment plan.

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Individuals Living with Opiate Addiction and Addiction Aftercare in Kelowna

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