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Welcome to the Options Okanagan (Kelowna) detoxification web page. Normally, when men and women or their family members or relatives are trying to find detox or detoxification resources they are usually in crisis, turmoil or chaos. With crisis and chaos brings mental confusion and distress. Where can I or how can I get help and assistance? How fast and/or quickly can I get in detox? Options Okanagan can help you with alcohol and drug detoxification services in Kelowna, British Columbia.

Do you really need Treatment? Do You Need or Require Detox?

Men and women frequently confuse the word ‘detox’ with ‘treatment’ so let's clear up what each word actually means. Detox or Detoxification means dealing or working with the actual physical aspects associated with consuming a lot of drugs or alcohol. The length of time spent at a standard Kelowna or area detox is actually overnight to as much as 7 days. Quite a few patients or affected individuals tend to be discharged after only 1 overnight stay because there is a whole lot of demand for beds in a typical Kelowna or area detox facility. Quite simply, once a hospital or medical center or detox determines and decides you are no longer medically at risk or in danger you may end up being discharged.

Senior Living Prescription Painkiller Abuse Opioids and Detox

Treatment is a lot different than detox. Preliminary residential treatment generally lasts many weeks to a number of months and focuses mainly on the psychological aspects and facets of drug and alcohol addiction. Sober living or lifestyle (called Support Recovery) is a form or type of treatment which involves and consists of treatment stays of six months to a number of years and is intended and designed to help and assist individuals’ transition to independent and self-sufficient living after preliminary treatment.

Kelowna and Area Detox Do Not Address the Psychological or Mental Aspects and Facets of Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Almost all of the detoxes do not really provide counselling or even talk therapies. If you are trying to find a treatment program that addresses the actual psychological, mental and emotional aspects associated with drug addiction or alcoholism think about residential treatment programs. Options Okanagan addiction treatment program, is right here and admissions can be scheduled within a day. Options Okanagan also offers a medical detox so no clean/sober time is needed prior to admission to treatment. Many patients and sufferers from the Kelowna area choose this program because Options can quickly admit patients and never require any clean time ahead of time. For more information on Detox and to learn more about treatment contact us toll-free at 1-855-335-0331, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or go to the Contact Us web page to send us an email.

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Do not Detox Alone

Think again and Reconsider if you are looking at detoxing at home. Detoxing from alcohol abuse or from a mix of alcohol and other drugs or medicines (particularly prescription drugs and medicines from doctors) can be dangerous and life-threatening. When going to a detox location take a bus, cab, get a ride from a sober friend or a member of the family. In case your admission to alcohol detoxification is postponed or delayed consider small intakes of alcohol as opposed to going cold turkey throughout the hours leading up to your detox or detoxification admission.

Rehabilitation & Treatment Center for Alcohol and Drugs | Options Okanagan, Kelowna, BC

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