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In October of 2015 I made the most important phone call of my sonís life. I called Options Okanogan Treatment Center in Kelowna BC, and Doug Mackenzie answered the phone. I asked him if they helped young men with opiate addictions and he replied; ďWe sure doĒ. That phone call gave me my son back and opened the door to a healthy future for him. My son is 20 years old and is a recovering fentanyl addict and Option Okanogan Treatment Center saved his life.

This program was truly amazing. It was structured to fit the individual needs of my son. The days he spent at the center were structured. He received individual and group counselling and attending support groups as well. It was obvious that the program has been developed very professionally and with great knowledge of addictions. The staff who interacted with Mikey was very professional and helped him on his journey immensely. Mikey made great progress in understanding his addiction and why he used. He gained valuable tools to help him stay clean and healthy. Even though all these factors was why I picked Options for my sonís recovery program the support and empathy my son received during his stay in Kelowna was astonishing. The last three months of my sonís journey was a tough one with days where he wanted to quit, but the staff was so supportive and understanding that he found the strength to continue. They understood his struggle and stuck with him every step of the way. Doug Mackenzie is a man I will never forget and always be grateful what he did and continues to do for my son. This man goes above and beyond anything I expected. His compassion and care for his clients is overwhelming. Anytime my son needed him he was there for him. It did not matter what he was doing in his busy schedule, he made time for Mikey, even if it meant spending a night at the post office locating his lost ID so he could fly home for Christmas!! Now that is another story on its own!

I was scared my son was going to die. I was desperate to find him help and was lost until I spoke with Doug Mackenzie. After one phone call I finally felt hope, something I had not in many months. After visiting my son in treatment after one month I left my son knowing for a fact I would see him again. This was the first time I had that feeling in months. I was finally not scared to leave him. If anyone is looking for help for themselves or their loved ones, for any type of addictions please make the call I did to Options Okanogan Treatment Center. It will be life changing.

Thank you to all the staff for what you have done for my son. A special thanks to Doug, Andy, Sam and Ken. I know how much you four did for my son. And I know how much he loves you guys and are thankful for the ongoing support he received and continues to receive.

Mikeys Journey (Mom)

Addiction Treatment client Thank you for asking me to do this I hope it helps anyone going on the website to feel that Options can help save their life like it did mine :)

"I felt completely broken and at my bottom when I called Options for help with my alcohol and drug addictions. Doug the owner of the centre answered and talked to me about my struggles and how Options could help me. That was the first time in 18 years I felt actual hope.

From the moment I got to Options right up until I completed my treatment I was blown away by the support, care and non judgment I received from my counsellors. They are in recovery themselves and understood my disease; they educated me on my disease and taught me how to live free from the strains of alcoholism and drug addiction that were controlling my life.

I still stay in contact with my counsellors, the after care is remarkable. I have had the wonderful opportunity to go back and share my story with clients in treatment at that both the Kelowna and Salmon Arm centersí. The gratitude I feel from going to Options and the life it has helped me to have today, living in the solution has forever changed me. Thank you Options for giving me the tools to live a life worth living"

Shannon Byrne

Like any suffering alcoholic/addict, I arrived at Options very skeptical that anything could help relieve me of my addiction. I mostly went because of the guilt I felt for destroying my families life, but I didn't really go for myself in the beginning. What I came to find there was an experience that has changed my life completely. Through the counselling and program at Options, I came to learn that addiction is a disease, but unlike many other diseases there is a cure. We dug deep into the root issues of my problems, and with a lot of work I am a changed person for the better. Unlike many other treatment centers, the environment at options was truly a family environment. I did not go to treatment to make friends, however I came out with lasting friendships and experiences I will never forget. I could not remember the last time I sincerely laughed and felt joy before coming to treatment, (and I never thought I would say this), but my experience at Options has become one of my fondest memories in life to date. The counselors that work there do not look at you as just another client... they make all the time in the world for you and truly want to help in whatever way they can. 1 year and 3 months later I still have a strong relationship with everyone that works there and they play a massive role in my recovery today. These people comfort you when you are down, but they also tell you the cold, hard, truth about where you are wrong. This is essential for learning to live a life in recovery. I cannot thank everyone at Options enough for what they have done for me, my family, and everyone that was affected by my disease. Today I still deal with the ups and downs of life but I do not have to drink or use over any of them. I know that the support of Options is just a phone call or short car ride away.


From the time I can remember I felt alone, unwanted, uncomfortable in my own skin and suicidal. I grew up in a world where perfection and success was the key to happiness. I had a loving family and happy home. I was a straight A student and strove to be successful in all aspects of my life. No matter how hard I tried to be good at everything I did and be who I thought I needed to be the more shame became the core of my belief system. I was unable to show vulnerability and have human connection like the people around me could and very quickly morphed into whoever I needed to be to survive. I believed there was something wrong with me. This carried on for years until I found drugs and alcohol. It was the answer to all my problems, it made all the bad feelings I had inside go away. I thought by drinking and doing drugs I could selectively numb the feelings I couldnít handle feeling. Little did I know I was numbing everything from fear, abandonment and pain to joy, happiness and freedom. When I was loaded I finally felt in control and was no longer afraid, nothing else mattered.

The disease of addiction is progressive and like most people starting drinking and drugging at a young age, doing what young kids do. While growing up, partying with my friends became my escape from reality and responsibility. I started drinking and smoking pot at 13 and by 17 if I could use it I would abuse it. I had a beautiful baby boy at the age of 18 and by the grace of god was able to stop partying and get responsible. However, this didnít last long. I was in a very abusive relationship and drugs once again became my escape from reality and gave me the ability to tell myself things werenít that bad. By doing so I lost custody of my son and fell harder into addiction. I spent the next 4 years of his life working with counselors and seeking outside help from programs to restore my life and fight for my son. I went from using prescriptions pills to being an intravenous heroin user. I will never forget my bottom because I no longer used drugs to not feel pain I used drugs because I had lost the will to live and had no power of choice to stop. I remember being so heavily into addiction I was no longer aware of reality. All that mattered was the next high and it didnít matter what Iíd have to do to get it. And when I got it, I was praying to god it would kill me. I overdosed Sept 10, 2014 and was so mad when I came to, I didnít stop for a second to be grateful I wasnít dead or sad that my son may not have his mom. I remember getting more dope and trying again. I received a phone call Sept 11, 2014 from Doug Mackenzie. We met me for coffee at Tim Hortonís and the fear on his face when he saw me rings clear in my head to this day. I had met Doug a few months earlier when I previously tried to clean up my life. He told me I was going to die and I told him with no feeling I was ready to die. He gave me the opportunity to come back to Options in Salmon Arm. I finally decided to give it one more shot. I started treatment Sept 14, 2014 and I have been clean and sober ever since.

Options Okanagan and Doug Mackenzie saved my life. They took a chance on me and it is something I will never forget. Options gave me the tools to strip away the drugs, strip away the fear and find out where my problem really was. Drugs were but a symptom of my problem. It all rooted with me and how I reacted to the world around me. I learned I felt shame because of the fear of disconnection and in order to have connection I must have vulnerability. I was taught that vulnerability is not weakness but strength. The counselors at Options made me feel safe and understood and a part of. I was taught about the twelve steps and to heal I must work from the inside out. I was told this program is a 100% guaranteed IF I worked it. I got honest; I kept an open mind and became willing to live, think and behave in a different way. I gave everything I had to this program and through working the steps and getting honest I began to find the will to live. Today I have my son back in my life; I have an amazing job working for Doug at Options Kelowna. I believe in this program and I believe in what Options has to offer. Because of Options I was able to find true happiness and learn to build new belief systems. My son has his mom back, my parents have their daughter back and today I have myself back.


I came to Options lost and with no direction in my life way. I had started using substances habitually in junior high school and I could never shake addiction till I entered treatment at the age of 25. I arrived at Options facing a long journey ahead, after getting through the ups and downs of detox that lasted the first 4 weeks of my stay I began to see a light. I found the programming and the people at Options very caring and supportive. I finally was able to keep it together for the first time in my life with the loving support I received. I kept at this Ďsobriety thingí because I accepted that I truly deserved it and I havenít looked back since. At the age of 27, coming up on 2 years sober and clean, I have found my true self. I live a life totally opposite of what I left in addiction. I am currently enrolled in college and plan to attend university for my bachelor degree. I always knew drugs and alcohol were my main problems they both had always kept me chained down in life. Options allowed me to break the chains of addiction and live a life I could have never dreamed of.


Our names are Reg and Peggy, and we are forever grateful for what Doug Mackenzie and his team have done for our son. We thank you immensely to the care that was given to our son while in treatment. We did not know if we could keep on believing that there was any hope for our son until we got a hold of Doug. It was that day when we knew that he was our sonís only chance for survival the third time around for rehab. As parents who want nothing more than to see their children healthy and grow as a person, the facility has given back our sonsí life. The approach in communicating with an opiate addiction and going beyond the twelve steps has gone over and beyond what any rehabilitation center would do. Our son has learned a lot and so have we. Our family is whole again and we cherish every waking minute we have back with our son. Thank you again, Doug and your amazing team.

Reg and Peggy, Manitoba CANADA

What can a person say about a treatment centre that they owe their life too, words aren't enough. I found Doug Mackenzie and options a few years ago, they took a very scared women and through excellent counselling and an honest concern for my recovery helped her believe there was a future without alcohol, I found friendships I still have today Doug being one.

I know Options is always walking by my side and if ever I've needed them they are right there for me to help me in this journey. Thanks Options for everything.

Sue, Grateful alcoholic

Addiction Treatment clientHi my name is Marcus. I grew up on the coast of BC with a pretty normal upbringing. I started drinking at 13. I remember the relief I felt and couldn't wait to do it again. I'm not going to go into detail of all the mishaps (letís call them) because I could fill pages of stuff that drinking and drugging got me into. I will talk about a solution. Alcoholism runs in my family and the added fact that I surrounded myself with like minded drinkers was the bases of my life. Everything I did in life revolved around getting out of myself. I don't know what I didn't want to feel but it was just that. I didn't want to feel. I first found a 12 step program at the age of 19. Not being ready it took me 20 years to fully surrender to my decease. I knew the 12 steps worked as it did for members of my own family. This was the major reason for picking Options. My biggest word of advice for someone going in as broken as me and many others is you get what you put in. I worked very very hard at my addictions and with the help of Doug and his staff I was able to work just as hard even harder towards my recovery. Today my life is very different. I'm coming up 2 years. My sobriety date is May3/2014. I've been given back a life that I could not even have dreamed of. Thanks to Options staff I was able to work the 12 steps and continue to do so today. Word of caution you will gain a few pounds cause the food is amazing. Big loves Tina.

Yours truly and loving service to all

Marcus aka Papa

I was 24 years old and felt like my life was over. I was ready to spend the remainder of my years just existing hopelessly. I had tried everything to get off of opiates on my own and nothing worked. I had seen every doctor in the books and my life was spiraling out of control fast. My last hope at getting clean was to try a 12 step program in a treatment center, which was the last thing I wanted to do. I was afraid that it would feel like I was in a hospital or jail and I didn't believe that any counsellor or therapist would understand me enough to help me.

As soon as I got to Options in Salmon Arm my life started changing for the better. The center's location and the way it is set up was the best place to heal. As clichť as it sounds, the center just felt like home and it was like having a beautiful forest as my backyard. For the first time in a long time I felt at ease. Then I met the counselors. I honestly believe that Jackie saved my life. I learnt things about myself that I had spent 24 years trying to figure out because of that woman. All the staff are soo loving and helpful, and for the first time I felt like people actually understood me. They were there for me every step of the way, giving me the tools I needed to live and adapt in this world clean and sober, which I never thought I could do.

I had only planned on staying 4 weeks, but because of the milestones that Options helped me get through I ended up staying 3 months and then moving to Salmon Arm. I could never show my appreciation enough for Options and I will forever be thankful to them for saving my life and helping me see that there is a better way!


I came to Options Sept 17, 2014 at the age of 55. Death wasnít knocking on my door it was trying to open it. I had no will, no soul, and no life. The staff at Options were caring, patient, and had experienced what I was going through. They introduced me to the Twelve Steps of AA. I choose to call them tools. They taught me what each step was to be used for and how to the steps to get clean and sober. I learned how to live in my new clean and sober life and use the program every day to stay healthy. I now live just for today and accept life on lifeís terms; I now love me for the person I have become. At options, I learned acceptance, honesty, love, faith, humility and spirituality. As long as I am in constant contact with my high power life is good.

I have a new life because of Options. They introduced me to my Higher power ďIts not easy; because the road to sobriety and free of addiction is always under construction, and my higher power gets me through itĒ

G ood
O rderly
D irection


Hi my name is Michelle Ezekiel, I came to this center when I was 30 years old. I was addicted to crack cocaine and weed but most of all I was addicted to prostitution. I had been in street life for something like 12 to 13 years. I was addicted to the money I made being a prostitute. Only problem was in order to prostitute and sleep with random men was that I had to be high, which is where crack comes in to play. I was smoking rock 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I knew I had a problem so my mother found Options Okanagan called Doug Mackenzie and they had me in the next day. The plan was for me to come to treatment for 1 month, but it now has been 1 year 3 months and 6 days later; and I am now just getting ready to leave the center next week. I was in the center for 2 and 1/2 months due to the car accident I was in a couple years before, where I got a brain injury. Yes I am still normal, it is just that it takes me a lot longer to process things, so I am a slow learner. I had to learn a whole new way of living, and one month was just not long enough to unlearn 12 years. I finished my time at the center but I knew that my foundation was not strong enough to go back to the city. So I moved up to the recovery house and continued my program and learn how to live a sober life. I am forever thankful to Doug Mackenzie, Jackie Paul and Tara Romeo for teaching me a way to deal with life on lifeís terms without drugs. This center changed my life forever & I am forever grateful.

Michelle Ezekiel

We both found Doug Mackenzie and his staff at Options Okanagan to be professional, kind and well educated. They were able to assist both the affected family member and the spouse. From start to finish they were all valuable hands in our recovery. We so appreciated their great care! We would highly recommend their programs.

The Jacksons

Before going to treatment at Options I was consumed by hopelessness, and had given up on my life. Once entering detox I immediately felt a huge weight was being lifted off of me. I felt safe and knew I was in a good place. The staff were very supportive, compassionate, and understanding of my struggles and helped to give me hope again. Initially, I had planned on staying for a week to detox. Further to completing a week of detox I realized I needed to stay longer in order to build a foundation for my recovery. I then made the decision that would change my life, and I decided to stay for six weeks. The change came from within through participating in the programming, group counselling, meetings, yoga, exercise, healthy nutritious meals, and most importantly through working and applying the 12 steps in my life. Going to Options Treatment Center was the best decision I have made for my life and for my recovery. The counsellors were amazing and very supportive in helping me to recognize the patterns in my life which constantly would lead me to going back to my addiction. I am beyond grateful for having the experience I did at Options Okanagan and the positive impact it has had on my life, my loved ones, and my three year old daughter.

Andrea Demers

Not too long ago I was faced with the decision to sober up, sober up or lose my career, my family and my life. After decades of drinking and drugging I had withdrew so far from reality, denial had set in that this was my life now. It's who I am, it's in my genes, I will die with my addictions. I had placed myself into a situation where I could make the money to support my family, also support my many habits. Cause in my own insane mind I didn't have a problem, if I paid the bills and did the "family thing" every Sunday when I was home.

My drinking and drugging had progressed to the point, I was now using on the clock. Something I swore I would never do, yet I did anyways. So when I got caught, I didn't come as much of a surprise. What did shock me where the conditions, a 3 month suspension if I chose to get some help. Taking that vital first step agreeing to these conditions, admitting that I was done and could not do this on my own. Realizing it was time to stop running from this and face it head on. Lead me to a life changing option I had to take, if not now when?

I am so grateful I was giving the option, of Doug MacKenzie and his treatment centre. Over time learning to live a sober, as well as a happy and fulfilled life. Among many things I was taught the difference between functioning and managing my life. Dougs' hands on approach to my personal situation, placed me in a state of ease and comfort at a very apprehensive time. Before my recovery I believed I could not do this in Kelowna, to many bad influences and many toxic friends. Doug shared with me, and then stressed that if I'm going to make this work. I need to learn how to do it at home, where I lived and played. A year later I can say with confidence, I'm happy to see the sober side of Kelowna. The life I lead now is a better life, filled with loved ones and simple pleasures. Thank you Doug, for all that you do.


My name is Joel Iím 26 years old and iv come from a normal happy and very fulfilling childhood. My parents were very loving and spoiled me with everything they could. I grew up a normal kid drinking and partying throughout high school just like everyone else. Until 2009 when i first got into opiates and from there it was off to the races. Since this time Iíve been to multiple treatment centers all over Canada one in the USA and one in Mexico which was an Ibogaine treatment center. So in total i have been to treatment 12 times within a 6 year span and every time i left treatment i was loaded within the first month. I had never completed a full set of the 12 steps nor was i ever able to get completely honest with the people I worked with about what was really going on.

A few of the treatment centers Iíve been to are very well known places. One of which being Edgewood which is a facility that deals with all the RCMP and military personal for the government. Another one is Cedars which is the twin sister to Edgewood. Cedars have a government contract with all the airlines for the pilots and stewardesses. They were nice centers but did not get to the core problems nor did they carry me far enough through the steps.

Finally on October 26th I arrived at options the salmon arm location. Honestly itís weird because I remember walking into the place and meeting the staff and the feeling of comfort was just automatic. Itís like I had walked into my parentís house after being away for years. I stayed in treatment for 2 months and during that time I was able to work intensively on my step work as well as some other underlying issues I have been barricaded with.

Jackie being my primary counselor there took me under her wing and really worked me over. she was able to dig some things out of me that I never thought id talk to anyone about as well as pushed me to become more humble and smash that ego of mine. I completed the 2 months of primary treatment with options but to be honest it wasnít enough for me so i decided to stay in salmon arm and continue to work with her. Now i have over 3 months clean and still continue to work closely with Jackie a couple times a week. For me it wasnít just the recovery I needed help with its dealing with life. Whenever i have a problem with even just the simplest things in life I ask for help and thatís probably the one thing i was never able to do. I was always too stubborn to ask for help and felt weak for needing it.

Options have helped me regain the trust of my family back slowly and help me communicate better socially and have some compassion and be a genuine person. I have had to work very hard to get to where i am today but the quality of life i have today is much better than being out there in the hell we call our life in addiction. So thank you options for all the help and support and good luck with the many more people to come and seek help.


I came to Options Okanagan completely broken mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I had lost friends, family, myself, and was destined to lose much more. In my mind drugs and alcohol would always be a part of my life. During my five week stay I was shown a new freedom. I was shown that I wasn't a bad person; I had the disease of addiction. I was given the tools to cope with life on life's terms completely abstinent from drugs and alcohol. Today I see my past as a gift. I am grateful to be a recovering addict, because now I have a solution. I cannot thank the facility and staff of Options Okanagan enough for giving me a second chance and showing me a better way of life. Today I live a life I've always dreamt of.

Myles Magnusson, clean & serene since June 18th, 2014.

Rehabilitation & Treatment Center for Alcohol and Drugs | Options Okanagan, Kelowna, BC

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