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Treatment for an addiction to heroin in Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer and other parts of Alberta by Options Okanagan Treatment Center in Kelowna, British Columbia treating heroin, fentanyl, drug addiction and recovery.

Heroin is a drug that many people abuse. Once a person gives it a try, they may quickly start to feel addicted to it, which is when the addiction truly begins. There are different ways for people to take heroin, which includes injecting it into different areas of the body or inhaling it up the nose. A person who uses heroin may experience a euphoric episode where they’re feeling happy and excited, but the high eventually wears off.

Statistics show a total of 26 percent of people who try the drug become addicted in four weeks or less. Once a person is addicted, they start focusing on doing anything they can to get the heroin. They don’t want to experience the withdrawal symptoms that start to come when they don’t have this drug in their system for an extended period.

Heroin addiction and Methadone abuse and addiction in Calgary, Alberta

As soon as a person is addicted, they feel like they cannot go on without heroin. They may be unable to quit on their own due to the withdrawal symptoms that can and will occur, including nausea, vomiting, shakes, and more. They may even experience an undeniable amount of pain. It’s either use again or go to a rehabilitation center to get help.

The best way to treat an addiction to heroin is to go to an inpatient center for addicted individuals. It’s there that patients receive assistance while going through the detox.

Calgary Alberta: Understanding the Symptoms of Withdrawal

Because the drug is so addictive, it’s not uncommon for addicted individuals to begin feeling sick in a matter of hours rather than days. As mentioned earlier, nausea and vomiting are two of the most common withdrawal symptoms. However, there are some other symptoms an individual may experience, including cramping and diarrhea.

In as little as two days, the addicted individual really starts to go through it with symptoms that are even harder to cope with, including a drastic change in mood and feelings of depression. They may be unable to fall asleep and could end up staying up for days at a time.

People Living with Opiate Drug and Heroin addiction in Calgary, Alberta

Calgary Alberta : Coping With the Withdrawal Symptoms

Anyone with a heroin addiction who is seeking treatment will need to have a support system. The support system may consist of loving family members. These family members could let their loved one know they’re there for him or her despite any bad decisions that were made. Aside from family members, close friends can offer support, too.

It’s important for the individual to have different ways to stay distracted and keep the mind off the drugs. Addicted individuals in treatment centers are often encouraged to exercise and participate in different activities that will keep them entertained while trying to boost their confidence and keep them from using drugs again.

Although a heroin detox is a great way to start the recovery process, it’s not the only thing that must be done. In addition to the detox, an addicted individual would need to attend therapy sessions. During these sessions, the individual has an opportunity to express feelings and let out any frustrations they may have.

Why Is It Better to Detox in a Rehab Center?

It’s a challenge to overcome an addiction to heroin. The drug is highly addictive, and people often go right back to using it. It’s for that very reason that an addicted person should seek treatment at an inpatient center where he or she will receive treatment, go through the detox, and have support for an extended period. It’s possible for these individuals to get back on track if they’re willing to take the first step of reaching out for help.

If you are addicted to heroin and in need of help, Options Okanagan provides support during withdrawal and treatment for the addiction at their drug rehab center. Counselors are always available to guide you through the process when you call.

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Individuals Living with Heroin Addiction in Calgary, Alberta

Our unique and distinctive drug treatment program allows men and women to come in from Calgary as well as Edmonton as we offer airport pickup.

Numerous clients come to us from Calgary and Edmonton and other locations in Alberta and even other provinces for Opiate addiction treatment, meth drug treatment, many other drug and alcohol addictions for rehabilitation because of the uniqueness of our treatment center.

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